Days like these I feel like a raindrop
in her sunlight
running down the glass on the window

making her wonder if she’ll ever know

if it’s safe to go outside
to run in the grass without getting wet
without getting mud on those pretty little feet

Days like these I feel like a thunderhead
on her beautiful day
rumbling low and causing doubt

making her wonder if she can ever go out

if she can take a walk in the air
to feel crisp fall air push back her air
without getting windburn on her pretty little cheeks

I’m hoping I’m not a dark cloud
on her gorgeous life today
I don’t want to rain on her parade
or be a black future to be hoped away

I came to her with hopes for a life of music and smiles
laughter and passion, travels with joy over miles
to make her happy, cause grins in the mirror infinitely
Not to fear the cold front that may have come with me…..