I’d been wondering and wandering
no matter how long I may have been in one place
nothing felt right for long when my pillow held my face

so long unsettled
it wasn’t the lack of roots
it wasn’t the ground under my shoes

it was me not having you

until now
I’m home

I know I may be difficult sometimes
I may make you worry, but honey, look at me and see

I’m right where I’m supposed to be

when you’re at my chest, eyes up into mine
when you lie in front of me, smelling so fine
when you say my warmth takes your cold nights and makes them day
when I turn to you to ask you to chase the ghosts away

Pain goes away like I’ve never felt before
When I come home heaven waits on the other side of the door

All those years and the strange places I roamed

right now
I’m home