There’s moments
when the tips of your fingers touch my skin

There’s moments
when you say my name, or smile that glow

when I smell your hair up close
nobody could find me
I don’t even know where I go

I get Lost in You

I only hear your name
cause I’m singing it

There’s never been
a stronger grasp

on me than the one you have

There’s never been
a place I’d rather be

than wherever there’s you and me

When I taste your lips on mine
nobody could find me
There’s nowhere near enough time

to search for someone that caught up in you

You take me where I’ve never been
a place way off the beaten path
When my hands wraps around you waist
and my fingers find the small of your back

and we dance under the kitchen ceiling light
I feel your lips dancing on my neck
even if the world was falling down around me
I would consider the moment perfect

because I’m Lost in there
Lost with you