place to place
town to town
face to face
school to school

feeling like a fool

after a while

wind in my face the only thing that felt good

No matter where I went, how I felt
what was around
how long I was there
it was all temporary
ground underneath me soft

and a soul glancing to the sky for something or someone I knew was out there

from day one
the day I first opened my eyes and cried.
to the day
I gave up
and nearly died

Because no matter where I went
what jobs I worked
what halls I walked
what burns I had that hurt

No one could see me
I was invisible

until you saw me
the day I first opened my eyes and believed it wasn’t all a lie
the day I saw an edge
that I was ready to leap off of
ready to set my thumb down on the send key
after the most important words of my life…

no longer transparent
Not so much a window, maybe a door

the day I first looked down at myself and I couldn’t see through me anymore