Never quite knew
something could hurt like this

Not knowing for sure
when we’re going to be okay
if we’re going to smile at each other
later today

Then I found something
striking me like lightning from above
I can only feel pain like this
if I’m really and truly in love

Oh, I hate the separation
it feels like degradation
and I hate myself in the mirror
knowing it takes two words to end all this furor

Never quite knew
something could hurt like this

but knowing for sure
I can make it okay
if I look at her and tell her I love her
right now, today

I’ve no reason to ever doubt
the strength of our love
there’s nothing or anyone I’ve ever missed
like I do without you during times like this

So, if anyone wants to doubt
what is that we share
we can always ask a question
if they’ve a moment they can spare
that question then would be
if they walked away in a bad place that day
from the person they share their life with
the one with which they stay
would they feel such pain
such needing that it becomes sore
knowing they’ve lost them for the day
at the closing of the door
and if they answer no
that they’d carry on as if nothing’s wrong
then they’ll never see or know
the love we have is forever long.