I know you’re strong
stronger than I am
there’s no arguing that’s true

Sometimes I just wish
you’d let me
open that jar for you

I open doors and cover puddles
and carry you around
all that’s nothing new

Please understand
why I need to lend a hand
and open a jar for you

I guess you’ve carried me
propped me up when I’ve leaned
brought my color back to me
when I was fading and turning blue

I suppose that’s why I feel
like I should be doing more for you

Someday I’ll understand
and realize I’m not weak
and you have no problem with the way I am

The jar can remain sealed
and it won’t be a big deal
and you’re thrilled with me as a man

but until that day comes
and believe me it’s drawing near
I hope you’ll let me do
a little thing or two

and open a jar for you…..