Oh, the clock doesn’t like us
and I’m lying for my eyes

The phone seems to ring
every time I put you in the sky

When our words are warming the air
my hands are on a steering wheel

The alarm seems to ring
every time I curl up to your side

Where did the sunlight go
why is midnight running toward us
once again?

Is it selfish to want you for myself
for just a little while
and is it honest to think that’s a sin?

The rat race is run every day
and neither one of us wins

Lost time to make up
is our gigantic disadvantage
We have the frustration
of wanting what others take for granted

And I’m sad if I’m alone in this
for wanting or expecting or desiring or affecting
the clock that hates us

And I’m embarrassed if I show this
childish side of me that wants to fill the past’s gaps
so they’re not there at our last gasp

when I know it’s not realistic to do so
even though it handcuffs my love for you as it tries to grow

And I’ll learn to take what I can get
because I said it will always be enough
I had no idea that limited moments
would seem at the surface so tough

But I’ll stroke your hair
as I get there
and I’ll smile in your eyes
as I get there