it used to rush over me
in my sleep
or just barely awake

there were instances
when it was more than I can take

do you imagine yourself
thinking I am not who I was
smooth made rocky
by complicated pops and a buzz

Now I’ll understand
If I’ve made it rough
if there’s some gray in your sky today

and I really wouldn’t believe them
if some words were said
saying you weren’t starting to look to some old days

in a different direction
where smiles and warmth
came from in the past

Do you miss how that sun felt
shining in your face
knowing what you were willing to give
before I got in it’s way

are you seeking to bring back
that light
shining on your grace

Are you looking when I’m not there?

It’s making me sick
more than I can take
that wave rushes over me now
even when I’m awake