I hope you know
I’ve long wished you could see
through my eyes

I guess if I knew
if I saw me the way I see you
through your eyes

It may be too much

Maybe you’ve been jaded
Hearts matters faded
and traded
like bubble gum cards

and to me they’re gold
and they’re god

So I want you to know
I’m not so sure you do
That’s why I keep beating myself up
to make it clear to you

Can you wrap your pretty head around
being the center of the universe?

Girl, I’ve put you there a long time ago
maybe you just don’t know
or maybe it’s in your head
from the way previous path’s led

that you can’t be

That’s why I need you to see
what I don’t think you quite can
the heights you’ve scaled
in the eyes of this man

and if you saw me that way
Please know
I wouldn’t need to wake
one more day

Those gorgeous eyes of yours
sure show a lot
it is bigger than you’re thinking

But I’m okay with waiting
for it to be thought
and to one day finally sink in.

I don’t bring lip service
I don’t paint pictures
I don’t throw pillow talk
I don’t say soft focus compliments

to make you feel good

these aren’t roses I’m tossing at your feet

Yeah, you’re heaven

as close as I’ll ever get.