How can you feel the absence of one
though you’ve never met?

something didn’t fit
something not quite right

walking through a puzzle you don’t have all the pieces to
and staring at the sky at night

feeling like half a life…..

It’s not fair that the universe makes mistakes
even if they can be fixed

but time lost cannot be time mended….
try to spend as much as possible on that kiss

It was always you that I missed….

I know that this is correct
but we’ve had to stumble through so much wrong

This is life, this is perfect
this is the reason why people write songs

I’ve loved you for so long….

Yes, I look at you when you’re not looking
I hold you tight and near; like you’re a possession

I can’t get close enough to you
being obsessed with you is no shameful confession

I can’t go without you
you’re always on my mind
there’s nothing else in the world that could ever feel new
nothing else that can feel as fine

I’m attracted to everything about you
there’s nothing not sensual
every move a whisper
every sound a triumph

I’m wrapped up in you
I need you to crawl into me
no awkwardness in any time I’ve held you
in my heart and in my hands

perfection you can see….

the frayed edges of those puzzle pieces
smoothed out as your light pierced my dark
I may still stare at that sky at night
but with your hand in mine and your love in my heart