she sweeps up the pieces
no matter how broken they are
she holds them up to the light
watches them twinkle like a star

she don’t like anyone
stepping down on me
and she’d do anything I’d ask
I wonder what it is that she sees

With a smile
she sands down my edges
opens books as I open doors
with a whisper
she hands me love
I’ve never known before

She don’t like the monsters
that crawl out my closet door
and She’d wrap her healing around me
when I can’t take it anymore

She sees me in ways
no one ever has
I need to thank her and not let her
fall victim to my past

She’s been propping me up
like I’ve never felt before
I need to make it my mission
to let her see
if there indeed are angels,
well, then, she’s got more

those pieces she’s swept up
she glues them back together
even with cracks and the gaps
to her I’m still as good as ever

I don’t require
the lifeblood pumping through my veins
the air in my lungs that I breathe
the mystery power that makes my heart beat
there’s really only I thing I need

and it’s her hands….
that hold mine
and keep me alive
one in the universe
and she found me

and daily gives me life….