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Run With Me


You never knew

She’s a queen
But it’s not a good enough word
I suppose it’s not you’re fault
That you’re blind

I’ve never seen
More gorgeous plumage on any bird
Long before the start of your fall
She was mine

But I’m not good enough neither
There’s whispers of a perfect man for her
But he’s somewhere in the ether

So I am kissing that hand
On a pedestal she now stands
You tried to take from her every day
I’ll protect what’s hers In every way

How dare you think of her in the way you did
I apologize for you constantly
At least now she knows where she fits
The center of the universe; shining her light on me….

I feel her warmth
Something of which you’re not worthy
I close my eyes basking in her glow

I don’t deserve her heat
I’m not good enough, but learning
But her grace, at least now she knows

She doesn’t understand
Why I’ve not let go
Of the way you’d seen her since you met her

But I don’t forgive
I haven’t learned to forget
Because she has always deserved better

I’ll never take her for granted
Because divinity can’t be

The Reason For “Sorry”

I’ve seen the northern lights
and it’s green and red haze
damn near drove off the road
in the ensuing awe-struck daze

That’s nature at it’s most perfect
beauty that stole my breath
the closest I’ve come to witnessing flawless
I thought I was ready to see death

Then you came along
with your scent, and your touch, and the things you said
and your goddamn eyes
and I still catch breath

and I offer myself
and I am fault
I give you what I have
without a halt

You’re like nothing I’ve ever seen or felt
I’m faced with feelings
with which I’ve never dealt

and the aurora borealis
that almost killed me
is a dying flashlight compared to you

So I’m sorry I don’t have the world sitting at your feet
because that’s what you deserve
and I want you to come close to that someday
that you haven’t yet makes me burn

and I’m sorry that you find it odd of me
If I still see you as the light of day
you don’t see the person in the mirror
that owns the stars, and doesn’t know it anyway

But even if your greatness
isn’t quite self observed
I still need to measure up
and offer you more than written word

and the main reason for my apologies
whether spoken or kept deep within
is I seem to offer less and take more
from the reason for the universe’s grin

so pardon my heartfelt sadness
at the fact that I’m giving less by the day
to the one great thing on earth
that ever looked my way.