She’s a queen
But it’s not a good enough word
I suppose it’s not you’re fault
That you’re blind

I’ve never seen
More gorgeous plumage on any bird
Long before the start of your fall
She was mine

But I’m not good enough neither
There’s whispers of a perfect man for her
But he’s somewhere in the ether

So I am kissing that hand
On a pedestal she now stands
You tried to take from her every day
I’ll protect what’s hers In every way

How dare you think of her in the way you did
I apologize for you constantly
At least now she knows where she fits
The center of the universe; shining her light on me….

I feel her warmth
Something of which you’re not worthy
I close my eyes basking in her glow

I don’t deserve her heat
I’m not good enough, but learning
But her grace, at least now she knows

She doesn’t understand
Why I’ve not let go
Of the way you’d seen her since you met her

But I don’t forgive
I haven’t learned to forget
Because she has always deserved better

I’ll never take her for granted
Because divinity can’t be