Looking back through that clouded path


I was down, bloodied knuckles from breaking free

because I wanted what I smelled you could give me

Knew it wouldn’t be easy without you there

living like a nomad, others emptying my veins, as I was gasping for air

struggling through silence

struggling through wondering





and the silence ended, wounds were mended, I saw your pretty face, golden smile

even if through the camera’s eye

then God’s breath was on us for 3 days during a wet winter blast….

followed quickly by a hellborne agony of a goodbye….

and a nightmare of withdrawal…..


Now we’re together, every day

hate being apart, physically or emotionally

and we wonder how we made it through all of that

tears, fears, and unknown weight of wait.

clawing through endless “wondering of when” like an obsessed cat


I guess we knew somehow, some way

it would be like it is