I was here close to you

a quarter century back

a few miles, a few years

that somehow we lost track

a humming feeling I didn’t recognize then

was a familiarity I sure as hell see now

You were on the other side of the wall

a scratching and whisper I heard somehow

under the radar

last half of my life, everything’s been wrong

unfinished books, half written songs

It should have been you,  should have been us

now we have to adjust on the fly,

as what would have been fresh now grows rust

childhood lovers, high school sweethearts

puppy love, and all those soulmate terms

apply to us as we begin in our fourth decade

the two behind us really still burn

You’re everything I ever wanted

and I would easily die for you

It should have been when we were kids

that this was all brand new

I’m giving you myself now

something I didn’t know what to do with

I should have been here, and you there

you’ve handed all you are to me

for years, something you were unsure about

it’s all right now, but it still isn’t fair

we gathered late at night

a thousand miles apart, looking at stars

missing someone, needing something that we just missed

that flew under the radar….