Some have  said you stolen it

took it as if you were a thief

Others said I gave what wasn’t mine

like a gift wrapped up tight and neat


Many have said this heart of mine

was kept locked away in a vault

when like a cat burglar, you snatched it

an assisted criminal and I was also at fault


but they can rethink their thoughts

they should rephrase their words

despite the years and all the miles

this heart of mine was always yours


Some have said I did the wrong thing

and I’ve had ringing in my ears

you’d have thought I burned the Taj Mahal down

or caused the Mona Lisa tears


I’ve been accused of highway robbery

of being one born to steal

as if I was a criminal of the worst kind

and should be dining on my last meal


but those thoughts and words

roll off my back and on down the line

they may try, but the stabs don’t burn

because your heart was always mine.