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through my eyes

You’re some kind of a gift
and all this around you is yours
if only you know what belonged to you
was the universe

I don’t want
what you don’t offer
because I’m not even worthy of that

See yourself through my eyes

You’re everything one could want in a woman
and my heart glows that I am yours
only I could grasp that belonging to you
was the universe

I just want
you to take what I offer
though you’re worthy of far more than that

Please, See yourself through my eyes

Just because no one let you know
doesn’t mean it’s not true
no matter how you look, or where you go
the stars in the sky belong to you

and I condemn those before
for not telling you or showing you how
the sun rises and sets on you
but I’m letting you know now

You couldn’t see it
I’m sorry that you didn’t
Everyone else should have illustrated the fact

But I’m using my pen to show
that Your mirror holds heaven
and I’ll spend my life showing you just that.

woman, sit high on the pedestal
that I am looking upon
I’m here to erase the ignorance of others
be my sky from now on

The angels should be bowing to you
See yourself through my eyes
and you would know this to be true


I can’t find a way to breathe
when it’s that “face” I see
my fingertips touch her skin
and want turns into need

There’s places my mind has gone
that it’s never been before
I could be a starving man
and I wouldn’t crave food more

from the moment it first happened
to hell with explanations
waiting 5 more seconds for her
I’d consider procrastination

I can’t hold back
and I don’t want to
I didn’t know this would happen
the day I fell for her

Times giving in to it
If there was a wall
I’d blast my way through it

that face, that sound
shortness of breath
and I’m burning straight down

she likes to thrill me
and give herself to me
it’s dropping a match into kerosene

I have to move her, lift her
turn her all around
admire her from every angle

all the while she holds a crown

because I can’t hold back
and I don’t want to
I didn’t know this would happen
the day I fell for her

She’s a queen, a goddess
full of redemption, full of honor
She’s a succubus, a siren
temptation, allure,  how I want her

all the more because I love her

and as I’m worshipping the ground
that she walks on
as I’m considering it a blessing
to know her sweat

she is everything I’ve ever wanted
Wouldn’t trade this for heaven
even though I don’t know what heaven is yet

cashing in early
easier to sleep than live

sleeping on a sofa
drenched in longing

last thing seen before sleep
first thing seen before standing


don’t know how I did it
I have no clue

I could only close them
after they had seen you


Childhood ends when you realize you’re gonna die

and I learned that far too soon

I was still wearing pajamas at night

when I realized there was no man on the moon


but somehow I stumbled through a tangled youth

pith helmet on head and machete in hand

learned life’s lessons and filed them right

measured in response, treated good things with a gentle hand


but the world continued to pound on my head

made me think being good, doing right is a fool’s game

still I gave to others til nothing was left

and the empty coffers I had resulted in shame


refusing to harden, not having what it took

to become the kind of person that felt in some way free

I decided it was easier to close my own book

the hardest part was making others see


I guess the world’s peculiar, because it sure isn’t funny

she came along as I had that goodbye steel in my hand

the only beauty the world ever revealed to me

eleventh hour, last minute, the final stand


So I’m okay now, I breathe every day

but I don’t trust the world anymore

with her hand in mine, and the words she does say

I can ignore the claws still at the door


Do I think those closing moments foolish now?

that she’s come along and made me stay

No, I don’t think so, sometimes shutting it all down

can surely be one particular person’s only way


Do I believe in angels now?

Yes I do, I’ve got mine

but I am convinced not everyone gets theirs

at least not nearly in time


So I’ll try to thank whatever god

is responsible for sending her my way

but I’ll be suspicious of the powers that be

until my last breath on my dying day


Because there’s clerical errors

by those heavenly bodies flying

that kept her from me for decades

resulting in memories so trying


and if my angel smiled her glow on me

from the moment it should have started

I’d not have the doubts that you see

our hearts would not have been parted


Oh, somehow she can make one

who’s been afraid, marked, and scared

do things so unlike them

like break through glass, and dare…..


She’s the only beauty revealed to me

in a world full of hate, pain, and frustration

but if she was put here, though late, for just me…..


I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to those who screwed up creation.











outside influence

Forces, they tend to push
the ground can make cracks in the most solid wall

Earthquakes make 6 inch waves
That decimate cities by the time they make landfall

There’s things that make me not myself
they change the air around you and I
they wear, tear, they push, and pull
they cause ominous clouds in our sky

there’s been events that made me wonder
if we’re okay

I want to stand up after any storm
crawl out of debris with clothes on fire

be able to wake up after that stiff blow
shake my head, soldier on, even if we’re tired

I don’t want you to doubt me or us
please don’t let your waters change
I hope you don’t see me differently
if I’m made wet by the rain

I don’t want to ever question
if we’re okay

Can’t Wait



Can’t wait to see you tonight
Can’t wait til we fall together
in that contentment that comes
after we’ve created our own weather

I’ve never felt the things you have done to me.
Last night, I felt intoxicated,
How fast light was softened
and my hands were inundated

with too much of too much…

and I was sinking fast into you

sinking with a smile

you’re magnets to the metal in my fingertips
when the cloth comes off of you, and my heart skips
and the things done
done with our lips….

There’s no forbidden fruit grown on this earth
there’s no fine man made dessert confection
that tastes like you when you set fire to my nerves
when my lips and tongue encounter your heaven

I know there’s nothing else like making love to you:

When you look at me in that dangerous way
when things fall off you as you walk away
when my hands make you gasp and you roll your eyes
when your wrapping around me is all that will satisfy

and you move into me like you do
when I can longer resist touching you

lust’s fire ignited
roasting us through
and fuel thrown in
by my love for you…..

Can’t wait to see you tonight
Can’t wait til we fall together
in that contentment that comes
after we’ve created our own weather

after that sunspot solar storm blows and thunders
and it quiets down after it’s swept us under
lying next to you, calm, and breathing deep
smiling in peace somewhere next to sleep

your soft skin pressed up to mine
your love and mine, hearts and bodies thumping in time
when we know we’re where were supposed to be
in the afterglow of us, of you and me…..

Can’t wait to see you tonight

The Impossible

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