Childhood ends when you realize you’re gonna die

and I learned that far too soon

I was still wearing pajamas at night

when I realized there was no man on the moon


but somehow I stumbled through a tangled youth

pith helmet on head and machete in hand

learned life’s lessons and filed them right

measured in response, treated good things with a gentle hand


but the world continued to pound on my head

made me think being good, doing right is a fool’s game

still I gave to others til nothing was left

and the empty coffers I had resulted in shame


refusing to harden, not having what it took

to become the kind of person that felt in some way free

I decided it was easier to close my own book

the hardest part was making others see


I guess the world’s peculiar, because it sure isn’t funny

she came along as I had that goodbye steel in my hand

the only beauty the world ever revealed to me

eleventh hour, last minute, the final stand


So I’m okay now, I breathe every day

but I don’t trust the world anymore

with her hand in mine, and the words she does say

I can ignore the claws still at the door


Do I think those closing moments foolish now?

that she’s come along and made me stay

No, I don’t think so, sometimes shutting it all down

can surely be one particular person’s only way


Do I believe in angels now?

Yes I do, I’ve got mine

but I am convinced not everyone gets theirs

at least not nearly in time


So I’ll try to thank whatever god

is responsible for sending her my way

but I’ll be suspicious of the powers that be

until my last breath on my dying day


Because there’s clerical errors

by those heavenly bodies flying

that kept her from me for decades

resulting in memories so trying


and if my angel smiled her glow on me

from the moment it should have started

I’d not have the doubts that you see

our hearts would not have been parted


Oh, somehow she can make one

who’s been afraid, marked, and scared

do things so unlike them

like break through glass, and dare…..


She’s the only beauty revealed to me

in a world full of hate, pain, and frustration

but if she was put here, though late, for just me…..


I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to those who screwed up creation.