You’re some kind of a gift
and all this around you is yours
if only you know what belonged to you
was the universe

I don’t want
what you don’t offer
because I’m not even worthy of that

See yourself through my eyes

You’re everything one could want in a woman
and my heart glows that I am yours
only I could grasp that belonging to you
was the universe

I just want
you to take what I offer
though you’re worthy of far more than that

Please, See yourself through my eyes

Just because no one let you know
doesn’t mean it’s not true
no matter how you look, or where you go
the stars in the sky belong to you

and I condemn those before
for not telling you or showing you how
the sun rises and sets on you
but I’m letting you know now

You couldn’t see it
I’m sorry that you didn’t
Everyone else should have illustrated the fact

But I’m using my pen to show
that Your mirror holds heaven
and I’ll spend my life showing you just that.

woman, sit high on the pedestal
that I am looking upon
I’m here to erase the ignorance of others
be my sky from now on

The angels should be bowing to you
See yourself through my eyes
and you would know this to be true