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When I Look

When I looked at you
with the weight of my want
Did you feel

Like You made me feel?

Breathing inconsistent
heat in odd places
tingling that just wouldn’t stop

When I put my hands on you
with the strength of my crave
Did you feel

anything like my own pull?

Heart thrashing
palms soaking wet
tingling that just wouldn’t stop

running into you
wasn’t unlike diving
into warm water

closed my eyes and jumped

because it’s the only thing
that made me feel right

When I looked
When I wanted
when I needed….

Never known anything
like you’ve done to me
even from 1000 miles away

and my heart couldn’t take it
if I’d never been able to know
what it’s like to wrap up

within you

We were just in time
to find the rhyme
for the words our bodies created

Hands on your spine
motions rocking in line
until our hungers were sated


Our Certainty

I felt this way long ago
When we said goodnight
electronic messages written by us but so alone

First thoughts of you
When waking up
Illuminated by the Dim dawn light
Of a cell phone

Stark reminder of what we’d been through
Modern day flashback of love and pain
Came roaring back like a living nightmare
As I drove off into the Oklahoma rain

At least know we can erase it
At least now there’s certainty
Feels like forever but it’s short time
Til you and me

Perspectives been given
Illustration drawn and handed out
There is no pain like this
There’s no doubt

I know there’s nothing like you
Walking this earth
I’m lucky you belong to me

I know you’ve given me
More than I’m worth
Staying together is our certainty

The Miles

Miles are time
I know this from experience
When I’m away from you

I don’t feel like I’m breathing

We came together
As we were a country apart
Now that we’ve been one

It’s you that I’m needing

Know that I’m having phantom pains
My heart is aching turning me blue
But how can I feel this incredible pain
When I left it behind with you?

Left tears in my trail
As my car rolled further away
I saw the feelings from long ago

I didn’t feel like I could breathe

I look at your gorgeous face
On my phone screen wanting to touch it
I remembered the longing I used to know

I have déjà vu of that need

Know that I miss you as bad as you do me
My soul is angry, a feeling not new
But how can I know what it feels
When its in the room next to you

God how I miss you, your grace
I need to see you, look at your face
Hear your voice, your calming words
The love that makes my heart race

Don’t cry love, and I will try not to
And I’ll be home to you soon…..