Miles are time
I know this from experience
When I’m away from you

I don’t feel like I’m breathing

We came together
As we were a country apart
Now that we’ve been one

It’s you that I’m needing

Know that I’m having phantom pains
My heart is aching turning me blue
But how can I feel this incredible pain
When I left it behind with you?

Left tears in my trail
As my car rolled further away
I saw the feelings from long ago

I didn’t feel like I could breathe

I look at your gorgeous face
On my phone screen wanting to touch it
I remembered the longing I used to know

I have déjà vu of that need

Know that I miss you as bad as you do me
My soul is angry, a feeling not new
But how can I know what it feels
When its in the room next to you

God how I miss you, your grace
I need to see you, look at your face
Hear your voice, your calming words
The love that makes my heart race

Don’t cry love, and I will try not to
And I’ll be home to you soon…..