there are moments
moments among layers

from my deepest emotion
to my most vocal thoughts

There are concerns
worries among love

from my haunted closet
to hair drying out

and you’re where I turn
so I don’t burn
You’re the only one I’ve known
only place to go

There are pains
symbolic or bleeding

you have the courage
to repair my lack of breeding

there are nightmares
I roll in my sleep

only you’ve had the guts to fight them
surface level or buried deep

and you’re where I run
if there’s evil at the door
or if I’m haunted by my own bones
something or nothing more

I can protect
the one who guards my wounded heart
I have no fear of fighting
any who mistreated you from the start

Woe be to those
who tread on your shimmering soul
for I’m to defend it
anywhere it goes

for you protect me
yeah, you protect me…..