I never put down stakes anywhere
my roots never had time to grow

even when they were buried for long
they had somewhere else to go

never was part of anything before
never laid claim to any scene

no photos of my smiling face anywhere
no signature on any event to be seen

no place called home in 4 decades
a nomadic father on a paranoid run

always wishing for what others had
staying alive for only my son

Most of my past is so easy to forget
I’m only a great liar to myself
I gave what I could to the only one deserving
the rest I kept on my own rotting shelf

will he ever know what I gave him
only in time will I really know
until he brings his spirit back to me
for Now I’ll have to let it go

but thanks to you
I’m living in the present

I seem to have solid ground under me now
for the first time ever in my life
I’ve never known this kind of pride before
though the last few years have edges like knives

I now think I know what “home” means
at least when I say it, it feels true
it means what it’s supposed to now
for under it’s roof is you…..