I seem to be stuck thinking
there’s something wrong with how I’m seen
that my ship’s somehow sinking
and I’m falling out of my tree

instant comparisons
logic held on with hairpins
but it seems like stone solid fact to me

and I won’t allow myself to reach for you
I don’t deserve the shine of your touch
I’m punishing myself, but you feel it too
but your so good, so beautiful, I need it so much

I seem to be so damn sure and positive
that I’ve laid too much at your door
that you’ve gone past what you should give
and I’ve no right to ask for more

keeping some kind of score
of what should be behind closet doors
I see it as one, but it’s no threat to me

and I’m going through withdrawal, gave myself hell
I’ve made myself keep you at arm’s reach
cause you’re feeling the isolation I’ve given myself
It’d be so damn easy to repair the breach

For the first time in my life
the answer’s easy, and a good thing to measure
taking the edge off guilt’s knife
by giving in to you, giving in to pleasure