I’ve had days

days that burned

burned like walking on the sun


Damn, if I couldn’t get away

from those monsters

no matter how hard I’d run


I tried to find the easy way out of those days

was ready to face the other side and walk on through

But now I know as bad as any days can be

There’s one thing I’ve discovered to be true


The sunniest possible day I could ever have on my own

I’d rather take those stormy days with you


I could be spending all of my time

hanging in luxury, spending money

surrounded by glimmer, drinking wine


I’d rather have strife, destruction, and pain

wounds, fear, horror, nightmares, and rain

as long as you’re laying by my side


I’d have to paint a  picture for someone

in some inks and canvas that only I can figure out

to explain to the world what  I know to be true

beyond a shadow of a goddamn doubt


That I’ve learned that love is a gift

a breeze

that ruffles your hair, and wakes you up


Mine comes on hot days


And that painting would show that

days of wine and roses

and festivals of smiles

wouldn’t mean a single thing

if you weren’t  there

through the miles



Photos on beaches, amusement park rides

vacation festivities and holiday strides

People don’t get it, but it’s true


because what are others’ glorious summer days

are my winter days with you



I wake up, roll over, and look in your Eyes.

Every morning, no matter my life’s station

I see and feel you every day of my life

and know that I’m on vacation……