So many rights

wrongs and lefts

Thunderstorms gather and hit me full on

I’ve done nothing but invite the rain

You’re always there, always there

I’ve fallen down

jumped and ran

Disasters roll in and erode my shores

I can’t see anything at times but the pain

Your eyes are there, always there

I hope I can catch you just once during a crash

though your hands are callused and bruised from my own falls

I’ve got nows that are as rough as my pasts

but you’re still patching up the cracks in my walls

I hope you can know my heart is as strong

anchored as much in love as yours proves to be

I need you to see I want to lift you up for long

Longer than you ever shall really need to be

I’ve seen mirrors

clear picture there

Not happy with what’s looking back at me

but your’e  still standing their behind the rain

You’re always there, always there.