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She was getting by

and he was giving up

Her glass was to her, half-empty

he’d already spilled the cup


She did something she’d never done

reaching out to a drowning man

She didn’t know that he was underwater

but she still grabbed a hold of his hand


What’d she see in an invisible man

tangible enough to make her care?

to take a chance, to roll the dice

hold her breath, and act on a dare?


It was hard for them keeping promises

to those not holding up the end of the deal

never easy to fake your way through

when the ones not trying are thinking it real


knowing is only the first step

to see deep down you deserve better

you have to have unbridled courage

to open up that promising letter



How’d he know of the choices he had

that this scary one was indeed right?

it would make the impulse move to his hands

to make a left turn on a red light.


Looking Back

Breathless, so damn hard to think
Looking at this full color digital dream
Knowing that you’re thinking about me
It’s awful hard to restrain the scream

I’ve asked you to go outside and look at the moon
The shared disconnect feels somehow like doom
There’s a thousand miles between our eyes
But we’re both here under the same sky

The fabric against your body belongs to me
It took three days to make the trip
I hold in my hands cloth that you’ve stripped
But my thoughts still go back to your lips
While I dream of my hands on your hips

There’s no words for how this feels
Knowing your love is the same as mine
When I can’t even listen to your voice
And all the words exchanged are typed

Phones in our hands strolling out in the night
I tell you I need you, you type out my name
The Moon bearing down is our only light
A thousand miles apart, but the sky is the same.