Luke: “Thanks for saving my life.”
Reva: “Thanks for changing mine.”

I think you might be bulletproof

But you shouldn’t have to be

I guess fear is why I have that recoil

and it circles back into me


I’ve apologized a million times

and every time I meant it

Like I intended every love letter

every time I sent it


But they’re not the same thing

Not in the same galaxy


You’re a kind of hero

with no cape and no sword

Your heart is the source of your power

but unlike Superman you get no reward


My reality’s a kind of kryptonite

for what he have

It can suck it dry

and cut a moment in half


But I promise to work at it

as much as it’s been said


But you’re a kind of hero

with no sword and no cape

I’m trying to give you a place to land

safely within the licking flames


The Flames that I create.



You’ve restarted my heart

and I need to give light to your dark


This life preserver you’ve tossed.

I need to make room for both of us.