Before getting lyrical, I must introduce you to myself. A person, formerly on the brink, and now far from it. Lost in concept and execution, my heart and my soul were not only near giving up, but my lucid life was already making preparations.

Then someone walked into my life, and created  a feeling never experienced in 38 years.  One I couldn’t explain due to it’s unfamiliarity.’

Suddenly, not only did those “final preparations” cease, I began making new ones.  Ones much less dark, and more with far more color.

This blog is an ongoing exploration of the growth of the flower that is our romance and love, but also of our current trials and tribulations…..and our glowing future.


I am a wounded bird, shaking off the dust and the rain.

I am trying to attain Peacock shine.

Things have changed.  The poetry in this blog is inspired by the differences in my life…..

I am moving forward, after being rescued.

And I am saved more and more everyday.  I now know what love is, and what living is for.

These eyes are fixated on one.

                                                                                                      is when I sent my heart out into the night

“I’m seeing things for the first time.”–Black Crowes, 1990