It seems a cliche.  You see it in movies and hear it in songs….

“I never knew it could be like that.”

A lot of folks roll their eyes in that moment.  I know, because I was one of them.

Sometimes,  some of us are lucky enough to say it did happen. To experience it.

A connection,  a pull, so infinitely damn strong, that has you feeling a high so monumental that you may say….(drum roll, please)

“Damn, I never knew it could be like that” or ” I never knew I could feel like this” or some variation thereof.

Trust me, at 40, within the last year, I have begun to shine… I?  Because I have felt that feeling. One so inexplainable, so unrelatable, so amazing, that it’s like an emotion never experienced…..

Yes, it can happen….

You may not have had it occur yet, but someday it could happen, and you will find yourself lucky enough to be speaking those words….