You’ve rearranged the plastic letters

on this refrigerator door

Smoke doesn’t blow around the room

the way it did before


and I can’t breathe if I don’t know

where you’re going to be

and I can’t come up with a way

to describe what my eyes see


But there’s a million words for what I’m  thinking

when you rain on me


Hot like wax under the wick

and going up like Fahrenheit 451

skin grows pink and I feel searing

like something thin that’s left in the sun


and I don’t think straight

when your curves bend my view

my mind spins like a world learning

things that are old can become new


but there’s a million sensations I’m feeling

when I’m rained on by you


It’s love and brains and lust and fondness

rolled up in a blanket and lit aflame

crackling, smoldering, and sparking into smile

of familiarity and want and desire’s refrain


only thing that can bring the release to this heavenly burn

is when your skies open and bring the rain