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Schools back in again
and the lessons aren’t sinking in
dropped the pencil right after I picked it up
forgot the water I put in my sippy cup

when am I gonna learn
what I need to do to stop the divide
when will I figure out
I’m not alone on the ride

avoiding going forward
hands at my side

the curriculum is brittle
but I can’t be afraid to handle it
you never gave me reason to be scared
no doubts as to where I might fit

The dew on the grass settles in
and age builds up on my bones
and the teacher’s screaming lectures in my ears
and I’m finding ways to bring myself to tears

When am I gonna learn
you’re not going to be hurting me today
When am I gonna learn
that I shouldn’t be walking away

What’s on the chalkboard might be a little rough
but I have to believe we have more than enough
to take in the tutorial
do the homework after

because pushing you away was never the answer
to any question
at the end of any chapter

I need to see your love
and know of what it’s made
know that we can meet in the hall
and get a passing grade….


The Jar

I know you’re strong
stronger than I am
there’s no arguing that’s true

Sometimes I just wish
you’d let me
open that jar for you

I open doors and cover puddles
and carry you around
all that’s nothing new

Please understand
why I need to lend a hand
and open a jar for you

I guess you’ve carried me
propped me up when I’ve leaned
brought my color back to me
when I was fading and turning blue

I suppose that’s why I feel
like I should be doing more for you

Someday I’ll understand
and realize I’m not weak
and you have no problem with the way I am

The jar can remain sealed
and it won’t be a big deal
and you’re thrilled with me as a man

but until that day comes
and believe me it’s drawing near
I hope you’ll let me do
a little thing or two

and open a jar for you…..