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How can you feel the absence of one
though you’ve never met?

something didn’t fit
something not quite right

walking through a puzzle you don’t have all the pieces to
and staring at the sky at night

feeling like half a life…..

It’s not fair that the universe makes mistakes
even if they can be fixed

but time lost cannot be time mended….
try to spend as much as possible on that kiss

It was always you that I missed….

I know that this is correct
but we’ve had to stumble through so much wrong

This is life, this is perfect
this is the reason why people write songs

I’ve loved you for so long….

Yes, I look at you when you’re not looking
I hold you tight and near; like you’re a possession

I can’t get close enough to you
being obsessed with you is no shameful confession

I can’t go without you
you’re always on my mind
there’s nothing else in the world that could ever feel new
nothing else that can feel as fine

I’m attracted to everything about you
there’s nothing not sensual
every move a whisper
every sound a triumph

I’m wrapped up in you
I need you to crawl into me
no awkwardness in any time I’ve held you
in my heart and in my hands

perfection you can see….

the frayed edges of those puzzle pieces
smoothed out as your light pierced my dark
I may still stare at that sky at night
but with your hand in mine and your love in my heart


Through My Eyes….


I hope you know
I’ve long wished you could see
through my eyes

I guess if I knew
if I saw me the way I see you
through your eyes

It may be too much

Maybe you’ve been jaded
Hearts matters faded
and traded
like bubble gum cards

and to me they’re gold
and they’re god

So I want you to know
I’m not so sure you do
That’s why I keep beating myself up
to make it clear to you

Can you wrap your pretty head around
being the center of the universe?

Girl, I’ve put you there a long time ago
maybe you just don’t know
or maybe it’s in your head
from the way previous path’s led

that you can’t be

That’s why I need you to see
what I don’t think you quite can
the heights you’ve scaled
in the eyes of this man

and if you saw me that way
Please know
I wouldn’t need to wake
one more day

Those gorgeous eyes of yours
sure show a lot
it is bigger than you’re thinking

But I’m okay with waiting
for it to be thought
and to one day finally sink in.

I don’t bring lip service
I don’t paint pictures
I don’t throw pillow talk
I don’t say soft focus compliments

to make you feel good

these aren’t roses I’m tossing at your feet

Yeah, you’re heaven

as close as I’ll ever get.

Then, now, and Ever

Until this heart of mine stops
I will be by your side
As far as I’m concerned
You have always been mine

And I belonged to you

No matter what was happening
In the fuzzy years before us
I don’t doubt the holding pattern
Out hearts were in
Beats in suspended animation
As if frozen in ice
And Waiting to begin….

We’re trying to catch up
Waiting for events
To cover the lost time

Things will even up
As the universe corrects its mistakes
Like it did when it made you my bride

I’m not going anywhere
Still and always at your side
And when this heart of mine no longer has those now-thawed beats

I’ll wait for you on the other side

I’ll wait for you in the afterworld

the wave

it used to rush over me
in my sleep
or just barely awake

there were instances
when it was more than I can take

do you imagine yourself
thinking I am not who I was
smooth made rocky
by complicated pops and a buzz

Now I’ll understand
If I’ve made it rough
if there’s some gray in your sky today

and I really wouldn’t believe them
if some words were said
saying you weren’t starting to look to some old days

in a different direction
where smiles and warmth
came from in the past

Do you miss how that sun felt
shining in your face
knowing what you were willing to give
before I got in it’s way

are you seeking to bring back
that light
shining on your grace

Are you looking when I’m not there?

It’s making me sick
more than I can take
that wave rushes over me now
even when I’m awake